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A Secret Double Life

Please take note:

Once upon a time many years ago, a young lady decided she wanted to learn Muay Thai. This soon progressed into MMA where her career and name was noticed on the UK fight scene, finishing with her last fight on an International stage. Due to this experience, she was approached by a guy who said "do you want to earn good money by beating/ dominating men?" A little excited & wary I took a friend with me to a studio in Camden where I entered into this fetish industry.

As the years have gone by, I have met some amazing people as well as utter time wasters, that's all the air time I'm giving them. To all my lovely customers I genuinely love what I do. My customers 70% of the time at the end of the session "that was the best session I have ever had!" I was humbled & shocked hearing this & received hate when I posted this on twitter. What the jealous or trolls don't realise is, I have had the toughest 18 months of my life, to th point my health was so bad I was terrified I was going to die. Losing loved ones also, plus the terrible aftermath with one of the deaths. Most people would have cried and leaned on people for support. I have had nobody, and for this reason it makes me dangerous. I can survive against all the odds!!!

I am in London for the rest of summer. New tours listed soon. Make sure you can pay a deposit! No excuses.


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