• Regarding a contact phone number, the correct one is under the "contact me" section. I have had multiple people using an old number of mine to book in. Please note: its +447367577493
    About Athena:



    I am an ex professional fighter offering  wrestling sessions. These  are private wrestling matches, to anyone looking for a competitive challenge, a brutal ass-kicking, or an all-around sweaty good time.
    I have compete at professional levels in the sport of mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Muay Thai. I am also a submission grappler, currently continuing my training at a gym in central London. I work out and weight train daily to maintain my strong physique and skill level.


    The sessions are fun, enjoyable and as tough as you want them to be! To help you decide which session  type is desirable to you, please refer to my "session types" section to discover which one your favourite is. Once you have made your decision all you have to do is email me and we can get the ball rolling. I also have access to other top female wrestlers who can join me in catfight sessions, 2 v 1 or any custom clip video requests.



    **The sessions are based in South East London (zone 2) in a private residential setting, totally discreet in a matted room**


    If you aren't based in London but live in another city, email me and I can add your city to my travel plans.


    I travel at least twice a month to wrestle abroad! Keep your eyes peeled for travel dates in Europe!!


    See you on the mats boys



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    Below is a link directly to my PayPal which you can shower me with £ money, or pay £50 deposit. Please mark as friends/ family with the reference "gift". 

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    ****DO NOT MISS OUT****

    Email to discuss.......tantric


    Email to discuss.... fun sessions for those who cant keep their clothes on
    Female wrestling goddess in London!

    Athena -  the deity of the ancient Greeks worshiped as the goddess of wisdom, fertility, the useful arts, and prudent warfare. At her birth she sprang forth fully armed from the head of her father, Zeus.

  • Who Loves PVC and LEATHER??
    **Hot wrestler alert**

    "Talented, beautiful and deadly, a unique combination"
    "Most fun session ever had"
    "Even better in the flesh"
    "You are a Goddess"

    Book me with other famous wrestlers! Can you tell whose face I am sitting on?

    "I had enough of her lip"

    Fantasy session

    Serve your Goddess

    What do you desire??

    Kick Boxing/ MMA fury

    Fancy being beaten up by me? Request a beatdown session


    A Catfight session with another tough wrestler - I'm happy to introduce you to one of my friends and we can fight it out for your pleasure or turn it into a tag team match if you dare!

    Who loves muscle worship???

    Indulge in your fetish

    Custom Clips
    Email to organise this, then watch your scripted fantasy turn into real life!!

    Role Play

    Do you have a scenario you want to act out? Certain outfit desired?

    This body could be yours for the hour or more ;)

    My stint on a naughty TV show. Shame the company collapsed, I am so comfortable behind the camera. Maybe I'll be hitting your screens from London soon ;) Let me know if you want to see me live on TV Babe Nation, Studio 66 plus more ;)
    Dont forget in the mean time you can contact me to have a one way camera on my webcam on Adult Work. Check me out, my profile is AthenaDom working for "The Only Way is XXX" 
    I genuinely love this, I have no idea who is the other side of the cam, unless they want to do Cam2Cam then I am able to watch you. 
    I'm online most days so don"t miss out.
    Mwahhhhh xXx

    Session Types


    Semi Competitive

    I am very strict between what defines semi & competitive matches. Semi comp is where the guy is typically allowed to resist, but to not try to take the initiative to try and win. In a match which is semi comp the girl is typically trying to show you that she can make you submit & you are trying to prove that she cant. Its a comp match on a restricted scale. The objective is to find out who is the stronger more skilled wrestler but without the intensity & risk of al all out comp match. Mixed wrestling matches are often mis matches as the guys generally are bigger than the female, so its not necessary to find out who is better. Its more of a fun, enjoyable experience! If during a semi- comp match I discover that the booking was disguised as a semi comp but is actually comp I will stop the session or ask for more money! Please respect the rules. 

    Fantasy wrestling

    One way wrestling where the idea is for you to be pinned in wrestling holds, with and element of roleplay and outfits if you desire


    A wresting match to highly competitive standard where both parties are fighting to win but with rules and in a safe manner. Its not a license for the guy to beat the female up! If a girl is on tour remember that she may have already wrestled 7+ guys before you so will be tired. But you must also take into consideration that you may get a bit bashed up. In a comp match no participant is allowed to try and injure the other. There are rules & weight limits apply! Im 52 kg so If you weigh above 75-80kg I am not your girl for this type of match! I am not interested in anyone who has a point to prove to try beat up a woman. Mature, responsible guys only please. These sessions also cost more money due to the nature of intensity and risk of injury. I have a day job to go to! I need to be able to pay my bills! Please take this into consideration when booking this type of session. 


    One way fight where I will execute punches, knees, kicks and grappling holds to any part of your body. A safe word will be agreed prior to commencing the session

    Lift and Carry

    This is where I will carry you in various positions up to a maximum of 80kg

    Muscle Worship

    For you muscle lovers to indulge in my muscles, close up!!


    A wrestling match with two female wrestlers where either one of us can tag either wrestler to bring them into play.


    Enjoy watching two female wrestlers fighting it out for your pleasure!


    A session where you are dominated, humiliated, abused, punished & taught a painful lesson. Pushing boundaries and controlling you. I have several toys which will humble you ;) 

    Foot worship

    For you foot fetish lovers to indulge worshipping my feet and being bare-foot trampled across your body

    Love being a pay pig, human cash atm, cash pig??? whatever.....  I want your money. I love having human financial slaves. Whether its at a local cash point or on one of my tours to meet at a cash point or bank transfer I want what is mine.

    Fantasy & Light Wrestling "Playful" session

    This is where you indulge in a variety of pins, holds, smothering, different sitting positions. Muscle & foot worship can be included in this type of session


    If you are a stag or are someone trying to organise an alternative start to your evening then don't hesitate to contact. You can hire 2-3 hot wrestlers for an oil wrestling or fantasy wrestling session in a venue of your choice! Especially if you are visiting town and have your own hotel or large apartment room for this to take place. Mats or paddling pool are provided for the fun to commence! All you need to do is provide the stag and we will the rest! Email for details! 


    Email me on the link provided below to contact me regarding purchasing used socks or knickers from my collection. Athena's juices for you to keep!


    Check my detailed profile on Adult Work, which details everything I offer. The services are endless!!


    You can find me on AthenaDomPT...... so whaht are you waiting foir?


    All my services are super discreet, i have no desire to home wreck, merely for you to enjoy.


    Unsure whether to book? Jump on to my cam on Adult Work to see if you like what you see ;) My roles are mainly domination, although I am open minded to other roles.
    If you want to chat in "group" mode, people will enter our chat. So if that's the case then you are all welcome to stay. Group mode is exactly what it states. 
    If you want me all to yourself with no distraction then "Private Mode" is for you. 
    Make sure you pop along to say hi. User name: AthenaDom
  • Clip Store coming soon! 

    This is going to be amazing!!!!!! Keep eyes peeled

  • Travel Plans

    I will list my travel plans here - let me know if you would like me to come where you are! Email directly to ask me to visit you, don't use the add to mailing list section! I haven't done a blog for a while -_-

    No travel plans as yet. Email me using the link to suggest your city! 

    I LOVE TOURING - I genuinely love what I do. I am open to suggestions. I think the US needs a visit. 

    Sponsored tours

    I am open to being invited to visit you personally in your country if all expenses and session fee is covered. Due to lost earnings being away whilst on tour we will negotiate terms and conditions. 
    Email me though as I am open to suggestions xXx
    Email me with your script, preferred wrestler if its girl on girl. Length of clip, exact role scenario, tell me your fantasy. It's time to fulfil your fantasies with a pro who's been in the game a LONG TIME! ;) I take these seriously, professional, no giggling, just pure raw footage of your fantasy unfolding before your very eyes xXx 
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  • Contact me

    Email is the best way to contact me
    I do not respond to long whatsapp conversations, send pictures to email or phone as all pictures are current on my website, twitter and instagram. 
    Please do not call without sending a message first, either text or WhatsApp. I do have a life outside of this World. I wont answer a call unannounced. When I reply, I will inform you whether its ok to talk or not. 
    **PLEASE NOTE** 
    If you call and drag a phone conversation out to ask how the session pan out. These guys never book, as they receive their kicks from the phone call. I am happy tp do this if you pay me for my time via Adult Work phone chat. My time is precious as yours is. So lets honour a mutual respect. 
    Thank you 
    AthenaDom xx

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    My name on Adult Work is AthenaDomPT come online and chat to me. All areas covered, including flexing of the biceps, foot shows plus kink ;)
    Its the best way to view your favourite Wrestler/ Dom from the comfort of your home or office, or even whilst you are on a train using your phone! Entertainment in the palm of your hand

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